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We help to provide opportunities to the communities in Kayes, Mali West Africa.

FARANFARE means beautiful in Soninke, a language from the Kayes region in Mali, Africa. We have been developing several agricultural projects with the local people in this area, which is extremely difficult because of a shortage of water. We are constantly looking for donors and sponsors for development of this area. Only by working directly with local people we are able to positively influence the economic and social development in the most needy areas.

One of our priorities was the installation of a well in the village Seke, 10 km from Kayes, which was extremely urgent in this dry area. Today, the well is operational with the help of  Stichting Faranfare Mali and the donations of our members. The inhabitants of Seke and the farmers in this region are now sharing the use of this well.

Our warden Boubacar is happy to take care of this project and runs it smoothly.

Another priority was the acquisition of a Taxi-Schoolbus for the village Seke, with a distance of 10 km of Kayes. They needed it to transport sick people, old people and pregnant women to the nearest Hospital in Kayes and to transport children who are going to school in Kayes while they have to walk normally this distance every day. This project has now been realised and the Taxi-Schoolbus is a great help in the village.

The next project will be solar cookers for the women in Ambidedi Khore in the Kayes region.


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